John G. Gillespie brings Charles Schwab Institutional to Bethany a perfect union!

After several months of diligent research, John G. Gillespie, of Access Financial Group, Inc., has chosen Charles Schwab Institutional as his custodial firm.  Mr. Gillespie, President of Access Financial Group, Inc. will now begin placing investment trades through Charles Schwab Institutional and has become a Registered Representative with PKS (Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments).

Through Charles Schwab Institutional, Access Financial Group, Inc. will be able to offer certain “share classes” that have lower expense ratios which can improve the bottom line.  Schwab and PKS enjoy solid reputations in the financial services industry and offer cutting-edge technology and resources that will enable John G. Gillespie to quickly execute transactions and deliver accurate, up-to-date information to his clients. Schwab, one of the most experienced firms in the business, was a pioneer in the business of exclusively serving independent, fee-based investment advisors and their clients.  The company, committed to staying financially strong, has established a sound capital structure and has positioned the company for long-term strength and stability.  Schwab and Access Financial Group, Inc. share a common objective:  to protect and grow their client’s assets.

Access Financial Group, Inc. embraces the Access Capital Trending System (ACTS), an “active” asset allocation process pioneered by John G. Gillespie a decade ago.  Gillespie and his firm don’t believe in “Buy & Hold.”  The investment industry teaches advisors to attempt to construct an “efficient frontier” to seek maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk.  The problem in Gillespie’s opinion with this “Modern Portfolio Theory” is that it is “dated theory.”  “Harry Markowitz pioneered this process in 1952. This “buy and hold” strategy may not work well in this current age of advanced technology with investors responding to instant global data.  Daily assessment of each individual sector allows us to sweep funds toward areas of improvement,” says Gillespie, breaking traditional methods.  The ACTS process has earned recent attention and respect at Access Financial Group, Inc.  Though he was not privy to give the details, “…the year 2008 was definitely the most fascinating,” said Gillespie, a veteran in the financial industry for 27 years.  After this past year, many people are agreeing with John G. Gillespie’s belief that “There are TIMES to be IN the investment market and TIMES to be OUT.

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