After  years of embracing the technology co-pioneered by Brandon H. VanLandingham, Chief Investment Officer, and John G. Gillespie, President, of Access Financial Group, Inc.(AFG), the time is right to make the tried and tested Access Capital Trending System™ (ACTS) available to other advisors.  This proprietary process has earned recent attention and respect at AFG.  Gillespie, a veteran in the financial industry for 28 years, says, “Money managers have a strong buy discipline but often struggle with their sell discipline.”

Understanding advisors would like to be better prepared for the possibility of avoiding the next potential major correction, Gillespie and VanLandingham believe they have the process that can help them do just that.  As a result of this conviction and the technology in hand, Access Capital Management, LLC, a third party money management firm based in Oklahoma, has launched its institutional advisor division.

Access Capital Management (ACM) does not believe in buy and hold investing. Instead, they take an active portfolio approach and believe there are “times to be in the market and times to be out.”  Access Capital Management’s portfolio managers identify opportunities within strong performing groups/sectors throughout the world markets utilizing a proprietary ranking system.  Using a flexible investment strategy called ACTS Model Portfolios, ACM’s analysis enables the portfolio managers to make difficult investment decisions such as when, where, how, and in what to invest.   The  quantum  process includes:  Style Freedom (moves portfolios to 100% cash in times of market down turn, helping to minimize losses and potentially reduce the drawdown effect);  Strategic Portfolio Design (adjusts and changes portfolios as market dynamics change, allowing ACM to pursue different opportunities during changing market conditions); and Technical Analysis (monitors each security on a daily basis utilizing the trending system, ACTS -The Management team’s process is based on technical/trend patterns.  ACM analyzes historical security price movement, relative strength, momentum indicators as well as exponential and simple moving averages to determine whether to buy, sell, or hold a particular security.)

Malachi P. Sturlin, the company’s Business Development Officer, is confident you will find “a better way to manage money”, utilizing Access Capital Management.  When Modern Portfolio Theory was drafted in 1952, information regarding company stocks, acquisitions, earnings, and market data was not readily accessible.

Today, information is available on any smart phone around the globe 24 hours a day. Investment strategies can now be drafted, altered and acted upon instantly. The belief at Access Capital Management is that it is critical to position your portfolio within a flexible, emotionless environment. Sturlin clarifies the company’s role and dedication, “We are here for you, the Advisor, as you focus on your client relationships.”

You may request information or contact Malachi P. Sturlin of Access Capital Management, LLC, at 405.491.0235 or by email at    Visit the company website: